Music Production Master Course

This 6 month Music Production Master Course is comprised of six 8hr courses.  These topics include:::

Computer Overview – Learn the basic requirements for setting up your home studio. Which DAW to chose and software you. Will need for the course. Sound, audio interface, DAW, DSP plugins, speakers and studio monitors.

DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) – Multi track Concept, Audio vs. MIDI, Regions and Sound Files, File Management, Grid, Trim, Cut, Paste, Crossfade, Automate, Software Instruments, MIDI Editing, Bounce

Synthesis and Sound Design – Introduction and synthesizers, history, and how it applies to you. Basic Subtractive synthesis, and original sound creation. Synthesizer Overview, Oscillator, Filter, Amplifier, Modulation, Envelope, LFO,  A Language of Timbre.

Music Theory – Keys & Melodic ideas. Chord, pads, and rhythmic fundamentals.

Building a Musical Idea – Beats, Sketches, and Ideas. Drum Programming, Song Arrangement, Build a track with software synthesizers and music loops.

Mixing and Mastering – Fundamentals of Mixing, learning how to blend and polish your track with audio effects. Understanding compressors and limiters, and the mastering process.

Price is $2250


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