Who We Are

Global DJ Academy is a state of the art, 2500sq/ft learning facility. We have two music production studios, a sound proof recording booth, one 500 sq/ft class room with six work stations packed with today’s hottest DJ equipment. And finally, we have a large 1500 sq/ft presentation hall for major events and guest instructors.

Our team of instructors have thousands of hours of real world experience performing and teaching. Many members of our team are certified instructors for the software or production system they teach. And every instructor at Global DJ Academy is committed to expanding your skill set and to help you grow as an artist.

Global DJ Academy offers a wide variety of curriculums to fit the needs of any aspiring artist. You will learn basic skills and advanced analog techniques such as scratching and effects. We offer courses in the hottest DJ GUIs as well as state-of-the-art production software. We can help you use these tools to get you ready for your first performance or to expand your current workflow and “wow” your audience with new and exciting live remixes.

We are conveniently located right in the heart of Denver’s Club Scene. Global DJ Academy is just 3 Minutes away from Beta, North America’s #1 Night Club. Surrounded by all the heavy hitters in the Denver Night Life Scene, you can take a lesson at 6pm, catch dinner at 9pm and be at your favorite Denver Night Club by 11pm, and never have to move your car.

The Administrative Team


Walt White

-Owner / Curriculum Director
-Web Design

With the help of his business partner and wife, Jen Kaminski, Walt’s goal is to bring the education of DJing and music production to Colorado in a new and exciting format. Walt also has his hands in a few other niches in the industry:::

Stage Operations Manager & IT Director for Triad Dragons

Global Dance Music DJ

Colorado Rapids MLS Professional Soccer Team DJ

DanceTrax Elite DJ Squad Member

Bounce Agenda – Colorado Based Trip Hop DJ Duo (Owner/DJ)


Jen Kaminski

-Marketing & Design
-Public Relations
-Stage Performance Training

Apart from being an owner with her husband Walt, Jen was the Global DJ Academy’s first student. She is one half of the Colorado based Trip Hop DJ Duo: Bounce Agenda. Jen also owns Tease Studio located next door to the academy.

DJ J’Adore

Bridal Pop / Event Pop – Wedding & Mobile DJ Services (Owner/DJ)

Bounce Agenda – Colorado Based Trip Hop DJ Duo (Owner/DJ)


Elliot Overson (DJ Wushu)

-Facilities Manager

Not only is Elliot a top Serato & Turntablism instructors and one of Colorado’s best DJs and Producers, but the guy pretty much built the entire DJ Academy with his bare hands. So if you want to learn how be a scratch DJ or you need a new kitchen put in your house::: Elliot is the guy you need to talk to.

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