Brian Camarena

Brian Camarena is dynamic multi media creative who has spent the last 10 years of his life developing digital production skills in audio, motion graphics, 3D animation, video and web design.

Brian has been described as a versatile Creative Media Producer because he has the ability to to bring many different mediums together into one idea. With his roots in Dj’ing since 1997, and producing deep and tech house music since 2003, he has paid his dues to the house music industry.  He has had the opportunity in releasing music on several labels like Native Soul Recordings, Dirty Monkey UK, Union Recordings, Midwest Hustle, Chestnut Ave recordings, and has been performing at events around the Denver metro area since 2006. He has had the opportunity of Dj’ing cities like Dallas,
WMC Miami, Seattle, San Antonio, Albuquerque, El Paso, Juarez, Chihuahua, Monterrey, Puerto Vallarta, San Carlos, Guaymas and other Mexican cities. You can listen to some of his audio work and mixes here:,

He is currently working on a live sound project called
“The Foundation” ( in which he is partnered with Bryan Tallamadge of Buffalo, NY. where they are experimenting with the slower tempos of deep tech, and deep house music, where unique, live instrumentation and musical improvisation is the driving force behind the the brand.

For Audio production, he primarily works with Ableton Live and Adobe Audition and Logic Pro. Video:Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier. Motion graphics: After Effects. 3D: Cinema 4D. Graphic/Web Design: Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, DreamWeaver, Fireworks and Flash.

The Foundation
Ben Samples

Ben Samples is a full time Producer and Dj based out of Denver, CO. He creates and performs electronic dance music, including bass-heavy remixes of club and hip hop favorites, original glitch hop, soulful dub step, funky house or amalgamations of other styles.

Starting his DJ career in 2007 as a  CU Boulder’s college radio station exploring genres with a focus on dance music and hip hop, Samples soon began creating his own hybrid of hip hop and dance music into a club sound that fits as well in theaters and festivals as it does on dance floors. Samples started teaching professionally for Ableton Colorado as well as releasing custom sample kits for Zenhiser in 2010, where he has compiled 10 kits.
Ben Samples

Ben Samples
DJ 302 & DJ 401 Advanced
Walt White

Walt has worked in the Education Industry for 15 years & has 10 years of DJ experience with a range of knowledge unmatched by any other instructor in Colorado.  Walt has been involved in every facet of the DJ industry.  Large Venue Club DJ, Professional Sports DJ, Video DJ, Wedding DJ, Night Club Manager, Stage Manager for Colorado Massive Events, Equipment Tech etc.

Walt was the first US Based DJ to perform with Digital Vinyl Technology (what today is called Traktor & Serato).  He was one of the original Alpha Testers for what now is a staple technology in the DJ Industry.   Walt has 10 years of experience on Traktor software… Wanna know Traktor?  You need his class!


Dark Agenda / Bounce Agenda
DJ Fundamentals - 101 and Traktor Instructor
Danny Marin

Danny Marin (Dj Danny) is house-hold name when is comes to DJ’s in Colorado. This man has been spinning music since 1993. Danny is one of Denver’s best pioneer DJ’s. Danny started up a underground crew called the, ” Spase Invaderz.” His love for the DJ culture and his passion for the dance floor is a experience you have to see for yourself. Danny’s DJ style is a combo of Deep, Minimal, Groovey, Sexy, and Intelligent HOUSE.

After an extensive 10 year career as a full time DJ at all the top clubs in Colorado, Danny took it to the next level.  He attended one of the best audio recording schools in the country “The Conservatory Of Recording, Arts and Sciences”. He received his degree in Audio Engineering/Post Productions. He is tier 3 certified in Pro Tools, Logic Pro certified, M3000 certified and AutoTune certified. Proficient with the best audio gear in the world such as SSL, API Legacy Plus and Neotek Elite consoles, Danny has studied the sciences of sound and all theories that apply. This man knows his audio!

“Keep the vibe alive and moving.” Danny Marin

Spase Invaderz
Advanced Production & Serato Instructor
Elliot Overson

Elliot was 16 years old when he first set his hands on a pair of turntables and from that moment on, his spare time was spent learning all he could about music from the perspective of a disc jockey: mixing, scratching and creative blends. He is a firm believer that sharp skills and solid techniques are a result of practice, hard work, and of course, a genuine love for music.

In 2006, Elliot gave in to the evolution of DJ technology and made the switch from vinyl records to Serato. As a DJ with a solid foundation in hip-hop music, he wanted to stay as close to his roots as possible yet understood the importance of remaining current and relevant. Serato Scratch Live allowed him to do that by replacing LPs with Serato records, which simulate the feel and sound of vinyl while making a wider selection of music readily available.

Since then, Elliot has embraced his ever-growing taste in music. He finds excitement fusing genres like reggae, funk, hip-hop, house, trip hop, dubstep, and moombahton with a creative fluidity and distinct sound that he is well known for, and that ultimately define who he is as an artist.
His versatility and high-energy performances have propelled Elliot into the music festival circuit where he has landed supporting sets; his most recent being DayGlow, St. Louis, 2012 where he performed as BassCrooks (a DJ duo he created in 2010).

He has performed at over 100 venues across the country and holds weekly residencies in both Denver and Boulder.
Elliot has been mentoring and teaching on a one-on-one basis for the past eight years and his students hold residencies nationally, prominently in the Mid West and the Denver area. He looks forward to working in a group setting and encouraging the same level of excitement and eagerness to learn that he experienced as a young, aspiring DJ.

DJ Wushu / Bass Crooks
Scratching/Turntablism & Serato Instructor

Kevin Alves

Kevin Alves would be hard pressed to deny the reality of destiny. As early as he could remember he was involved with music from singing to starting his own band at age 15. Alves began DJing immediately after that. “Music is the most intense way of expressing myself I’ve ever found.” In 1998 he bought his first piece of studio gear, a sampler. He’s been producing ever since.

Alves’ was a beta tester for software such as Cubase, and is an artist with such companies as Fxpansion, Dave Smith, Moog Universal Audio. Alves has tought classes since 2001 and has guest appeared for prestigious events such as the Red Bull Music Academy. He also has his own sound design company called Pure Signal with is a company that specializes in synth samples with platforms such as Native Instruments. Kevin is also a dj resident for Global Dance Festival Colorado`s biggest dance event held at the world renowned venue Red Rocks Amphitheater He has opened for most of the top DJ acts in the world including: Armin Van Buuren, BT, Deadmau5, Avicii, Tiesto, Sasha & Digweed, Paul Van Dyk, Benny Benassi, and Kaskade to name a few .

Alves is currently djing and working on his original music and sound design. He recently released remixes on one of dance music`s most prestigious label Ultra Records. Also a release with Nadia Ali.

Cubase & Synthesis Instructor
Emile Ananian

Dj Emile is considered to be a major contributor to the rise of the Electronic Music in the early 90’s Rave scene . He continued to rise to fame as a founding member of the world famous ‘Bombshelter Dj’s’. Emile, along with Z-Trip and Radar are considered to be one of the best DJ crews in the last 2 decades. He performances have been recognized in the following featured magazines: The Dj Times, URB, MIXMAG, and Rollingstone. His skills were as one of the top 100 dj’s led him to tour worldwide for many years, continuing to focus on production forming. Please visit:

Among his many awards and titles, he created and published the world’s first “Accredited Advanced Digital Dj Class” in which he taught at the following universities: Scottsdale’s Dj 101 School, ASU, and NYU. Added to his credentials includes: a featured instructor at the Red Bull Dj Academy and a Regional Judge with DJ Jazzy Jeff for the National Red Bull Finals. His comprehensive understanding of the scene and electronic music is unrivaled.

The courses that Emile continues to teach at the Global DJ Academy will help develop your skills, with a focus on developing your own unique style and performance as a successful DJ or music producer . The future of music is changing. Therefore, it is important for all musicians to adapt to the future. In order to separate yourself as a DJ, one must learn how to create their own unique style. In the his courses, each student will learn to scratch, mix, use video and ‘remix on the fly’… developing your own style.

DJ Emile
DJ Instructor
Chase Dobson

Chase Dobson: Freelance Playback Tech, Ableton Programmer, Monitor Engineer
In 2012 Toured the US and World with artists: Owl City, Mike Posner and Dia Frampton
Signed recording artist with Tympanik Audio and Denver’s Plastic Sound Supply Records
Bona Fide Ableton Junkie.

Freelance Playback Tech, Ableton Programmer, Monitor Engineer