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"With Much Love For The Music” is something you will hear and see from Andrew Ramos A.K.A "K E E Z”. Born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, Ramos has discovered many musical mediums in his travels. Ramos, having strong influences in Latin, Hip Hop, and House, has traveled long and far to share his sound. In his recordings and engaging performances, Ramos has managed to tie together many influences to create the Guise known as “K E E Z”. Incorporating Both Digital and Analog to his sets Ramos has become versed in Serato, Ableton, and Traktor. Mainly using both Serato & Ableton when performing as “K E E Z”, he as successfully found a way to incorporate the keyboard along side of his turntables.


Not only mixing and performing on the piano live, “K E E Z” has a respected style at turntablism as well. As of recent he has successfully signed and released his two track EP entitled “Wubalish” which is currently holding the leading spot for "Rejekted Records”. The swelling bass within each track maneuvers the tracks into dark after-hour's territory with the help of the subtle percussion. Straight up bouncy, rumbling bass lines, haunting synths, and a great use of vocal cuts. Since his gypsy travels, Ramos has found his home in the beautiful 303. Establishing himself in the Denver scene by taking first in the Global Dance Competition to earn him the privilege to play “Red Rocks”, he has continued on his journey to share his talents and knowledge by way of performance, instruction, and production. 


"With Much Love For The Music”

        Andrew Ramos a.k.a "K E E Z”

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