Charlie Swan (Mitch Scrax) has lived the last 17 years with a strong passion for the art of the DJ. 
He was listening to EDM before EDM was even called EDM.  He was introduced to Turntablism as a freshman in high school when he heard DJ Qbert's “Wavetwisters” in 99' and it changed his life.  In 2002, he obtained his very own mixer and pair of turntables. 

Charlie has spent thousands of ours behind the wheels of steel, harnessing their power of expression, and in turn, turning his turntables into an instrumental extension of himself.  He himself was taught at Berklee College Of Music and was an assistant for the professor of the first accredited college DJ course in the country.  This is a definite year one might see Charlie competing in some DJ battles.

Charlie is super stoked to share his knowledge with those whom are interested in the art of Turntablism, to further increase experienced Tablists' skills, and to train aspiring ones into the real deal!