Welcome to the 2018 Global DJ Competition at the Church Night Club. 

Global Dance Festival & Global DJ Academy are very honored to be hosting the Global DJ Competition again this year.  This will be our 7th year hosting the competition.  The 2017 competition was amazing with 120 participating from all over the USA. We hope that this years competition will be even better.  Our goal with this competition is primarily to pick the best all around DJ to perform at Global Dance Festival.  But we strive for even more.  We want to give some of the best DJs from Colorado the opportunity to show us their skills and make their own mark in the music scene.

We strive to bring everyone a professional, well organized competition process with a great team of judges from various backgrounds and skill sets using a meticulously thought out judging criteria.  We hope our efforts will not only find the best all around DJ but also help DJs identify their own strengths and weaknesses so they can become the best DJ they can be.  Our judging process is specifically designed to highlight and assess all the skills and talents that a DJ needs to make it to the top.


All questions, comments and concerns about the competition should be direct to me via email –  

EMAIL:::  gdf@colorado.dj


Please don’t use Facebook Messenger to communicate with us about the competition, and especially do not attempt any communication through event posts on the event page.  We will not answer questions through social media. Contact us directly!


We are doing 5-15 min video submissions.  The video performance must include several "mix/song transitions". Please click on the "submit entry" button above for more details and to submit your entry for the competition. 



You can perform on any equipment or DJ software you want provided that it will work with the Church Night Club DJ Booth limitations. All the DJ Booths will have 2 PIONEER CDJ 2000 Nexus Players and a DJM 900 Nexus mixer, linked via LAN hub and ready to go. NO pulling the club's pioneer equipment. 

There are two open lines on the mixer and space for additional equipment on either side of the CDJs or on top with CDJ hard covers. You may use the CDJs or one open area of the booth & one open channel on the mixer.  You can not use both open channels or both open areas.  An RCA cable will be provided and hooked to the mixer. Your set will be timed to the minute, so make sure you prepare for a solid 20 minute set. We will cut you off if you run over. Don't worry, we will be there to tell you the time remaining in your performance.

The music MUST be seamless (no stops). Therefore, you must perform an "elegant and seamless transition" out of the prior DJs last song.  If you train wreck the transition, it is highly unlikely you will win the event.  All forms of electronic music are accepted.  You must be an adult(18+) to competition.  There is no getting around this… don’t email me begging to get in.  This is a liquor license issue with the club. 

If you are using the CDJs to control your software…. We have CDJ2000 Nexus players — it is not necessary to use "TIME CODE". Our CDJs will fully integrate with the newest versions of RekordboxDJ, Serato DJ and Traktor Pro Software using HID mode.  

Serato DJ Pro Software Users — The DJM900NXS is has been compatible with Serato DJ for over two years now.  You don't need a Serato SL box any more.  The Club Kit plug-in makes the Nexus compatible.   If you are using HID, you will also need the driver for the CDJ2000 Nexus Players off the pioneer web site.

Traktor Pro Software Users — if you are using Time Code into the DJM900 Nexus Mixer or Using The DJM900 Nexus as a sound card, you will need to download the drivers from the pioneer web site.   If you are using HID, you will also need the driver and TSI file for the CDJ2000 Nexus Players off the pioneer web site.

RekordboxDJ Software Users - The dj equipment in the booth is all 100% compatible with your software using HID mode.  

Serato Scratch Software Users - Bring your own timecode audio interface.  We are not providing old SL audio interfaces for your discontinued software.  Upgrade - for the love of god!



CDJs - http://pioneerdj.com/support/product.php?lang=en&p=CDJ-2000NXS&t=178
Mixer - http://pioneerdj.com/support/product.php?lang=en&p=DJM-900NXS&t=111

Promoters tend to book the most popular artists that draw the most people. This applies to the biggest DJs in the world like Tiesto, Kaskade, whoever. This also applies to the local level. There will be promoters, including the promoters for Global Dance Festival at this event looking for talented, popular djs for their events. It is in your best interest to get as many fans to come support your performance as possible. We have an open guest list to help you. Some creative fans have made signs and t-shirts. Please take advantage of all the marketing and guest list tools available. Don’t waste this opportunity to impress promoters and fans.

You will have an unlimited guest list for the final. You can put people on the guest list or your fans can put themselves on the list. The links for the list for each day is below for you to share. There will be a drop down menu that has your DJ name. If selected, they will be on your list. Make sure your fans know this so you can win the bonus prize.  Entry in the club is 18+. Guest list submission closes at 7pm on the day of event.


We will send you a link to a flyer you can download and use to promote your performance. Feel free to create your event page so you can invite your friends or invite them to the general event page.

Email us with any questions….. gdf@colorado.dj