Judging Criteria & Logistics


Judging will be based on two categories: Technical & Interactive.


50% Technical Score:

Difficulty of Performance


Harmonic Layering

Use Of Technology

DJ to DJ Transition


50% Interactive Score:

Track Selection

DJ Booth Presence

Crowd Interaction

Crowd Response

Unique Performance


The Max possible score is 200.

 Technical Scoring:

• Total Max Score = 100

• 5 Categories w/20 points each




Difficulty Of Performance (Max 20 Points) –

We are looking for DJs that are doing more than simply playing one song into the next. We are looking for

DJs that are pushing the limits, doing more with the equipment and the software then just the basics. DJs

using sync, snap, quantize or other visual beat matching tools for basic mixing will have points deducted.

If you are using Sync, Snap or Quantize so you can add something to your performance that would be

impossible with manual beat matching, you will not be penalized. In most cases your "Use of Technology"

score will go up in this situation.





Phrasing (Max 20 Points) –

We are looking for DJs who grasp the concept of phrasing and use it when appropriate with their mixes.

Creative use of looping, phrase jumping & layering multiple tracks in phrase will get extra points.





Musicality/Harmonic Mixing (Max 20 Points) –

We are looking for DJs that match music harmonically. We also expect the DJs to be sampling

harmonically as well. It will help your score if the judge can “see” the key of your tracks and can see that

your mixing harmonically as well as hearing it. We cant give you a good score if we cant see your keys on

your tracks. Please make the key of your tracks visible so we can see them.


Use Of Technology (Max 20 Points) –

We are looking for DJs that are taking advantage of new technology like macro effects, rekordbox grid

features, wireless controllers etc… and use that new technology to go above and beyond the capabilities of

older equipment and create a performance that would not have been possible without the technology.

DJ to DJ transitions (Max 20 Points) –

DJs are not permitted to stop the music during transitions. Music must be seamless and continuous. We

know that not all music can be "beat matched" into each other. DJs are expected to demonstrate an elegant

and creative transition from the previous DJ when they start to perform. You are also expected show up

prior to your set, check in with the backline technician, setup quickly without disrupting the performing

DJ. Start your music on time and keep the energy going on the floor.

BACKLINE - There will be points penalties for DJs that have equipment configurations that are difficult to

setup & tear down. Last year some finalists backline configurations got so complexed that we had a crash

during the final. This year you will be responsible for getting complicated setups out of the way during

your last song so the next guy can get on the gear to perform.






Interactive Score

• Total Max Score = 100

• 5 Categories w/20 points each



Track Selection (Max 20 Points) –

We are looking for a selection of tracks that work together and have structure, tell a story, guide the

audience through an experience. All factors will be considered, release date, popularity, uniqueness,

energy level progression etc..


DJ Booth Presence (Max 20 Points) –

DJs are expected to have a visual presence in the booth. Body Language should accent the music you are


Crowd Interaction (Max 20 Points) –

We are looking for DJs that interacting with the audience. Engaging movements, making eye contact,

getting the crowd to participate in your performance will be rewarded with higher scores.

Crowd Response (Max 20 Points) -

The more supporters you bring to the club to cheer you on during your performance the higher your score

will be in this category. We are looking for significant “crowd response” off your drops and a great group

response when you attempt to get the crowd to engage more with your performance.

Unique Performance (Max 20 Points) –

We are looking for unique, cutting edge, outside the box performances. Do something different, something

to make you stand out. Something people will remember when they think of your performance. Add a

vocalist, use an instrument, throw some interactive props into the crowd (like balloons or glow sticks), play

blind folded… whatever. Just do something more than mix songs end to end on two cdjs

Tips From The Judges::: 

We are looking for the "BEST ALL-AROUND DJ" with focus on physical mixing and performance skills.  Just cause you are the best DJ in the group at one skill, like scratching or mixing does not mean you are the best all-around DJ.  Focus on your weaknesses when your preparing your performance.


We are not judging music production quality, so you will not get extra points for using all your own productions. 

We are not judging you on your ability to market and promote.  


Please read the judging criteria so you understand what we are looking for and how we are scoring.  


Show up on time.  


Have all your equipment ready to go.  


Dont make us tell you to get out of the way for the next DJ more than once.  


Make sure you perform to the best of your ability in EVERY CATEGORY.