Marcus Koatsrki


After receiving an mp3 player for his 13th birthday, Marcus Kotarski quickly got hooked on the idea of collecting and sharing music with those around him. Shortly after graduating high school he bought his first setup and began playing every gig he could sink his teeth into. It wasn't long before he discovered the Soaring Cloudz events in a neighboring state and landed a slot as an opener, and discovered his passion for the art of performing. He moved to the Denver area in early 2016 in search of more in the world of music and within the first month, he began working at Beta Nightclub. Within months of his move, he quickly made a name for himself and began performing again. Since then he has performed all across the board. From the rowdiest of house parties to major events like Decadence and Global Dance Fest to weddings and corporate events, he has tackled them all alike.


Using the alias Imperfect, Marcus Kotarski is an active member in multiple communities. He currently resides in Denver, where he produces throughout the week and on the weekend you can find him at Beta Nightclub.Though he is on the far from away he often visits his hometown area of Dolores, Colorado and plays several shows in neighboring cities on his “mini-tours”. The open format performer, Marcus is dedicated to bettering himself and helping others.