Global DJ Competition Entry Submission Instructions & Entry Form

This year we will be accepting video submissions only.  Here are the requirements::

Submit a video of you mixing live.  Video should be 5-15 minutes in length.  A simple cell phone video is all that is necessary.  We need to see your hands on the gear.  If you are using DJ software on a laptop, make sure we can see the screen in the shot.  If you are using CDJs, make sure you make a pass over the CDJ screens so we can see what controls and features you have engaged.  If you want to go crazy and do some major video production feel free but its not going to influence our decision.  


We want to see what you've got behind the decks and to show us a teaser of your skill! Take 5-15 minutes to show us your best, most impressive work in terms of your DJing skills. This year we'll be more selective as we pick the best of the best, with a limited number of entrants making it to the competition rounds. These videos are your chance to show us you're one of the tops and deserve a spot among Denver's top local DJ talent. Take this opportunity to show us your craziest transitions, whether it be multi-layered mixing, scratching, effects, loop rolls or any assortment of talent you have to show. We want you to leave us begging for more by the time your live performance at the Church takes place.


All genres and equipment are welcome.


Submissions are due midnight Sunday night July 1st.